Chuck King’s Comedy, Magic & Hypnosis Fund Raisers

Treat your students and their families to a magical night of entertainment that is both fun and extremely profitable.

You can now bring a Las Vegas quality magic and hypnosis show to your community, while simultaneously raising money to help support your school, your booster club, or one of your sports groups. That’s not hyperbole, either, because Chuck King has actually played Las Vegas, garnering stunning reviews in the process (see the sidebar to check out what the Las Vegas Show Biz Weekly had to say about Chuck).

Chuck King has worked with school fundraising programs and has been performing across the country for more than 30 years.

Magic & Hypnosis Fundraising suitable for:

  • Middle & High Schools
  • Booster Clubs
  • Parent Teacher Associations
  • School Clubs
  • Anyone looking to raise money for a good cause!

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Chuck King is a professional entertainer, magician and hypnotist who has staged outrageously hilarious shows across the United States, Latin America and Canada. He is a master certified stage hypnotist and a World Champion magician, having won both National and international sleight-of-hand championships. Chuck King has performed more than 5,000+ shows in his illustrious career and always leaves his audiences amazed, laughing and glad they came to your school fundraiser.

“Chuck received two standing ovations from our audience. Everyone loved your presentation.” Ted Burkell National Training Academy

Comedian, Magician & Hypnotist for High School Fundraisers

Chuck King knows that great fundraiser have to do MORE than just bring in tons of cash. It’s also important that everyone who participates enjoys themselves so much they want to be on your list for your next big fundraisers. Raising money for you school or club isn’t just a one shot deal, after all, and you need someone like Chuck King who understands what your students, their families, and the entire community needs.

Laughter really IS the best medicine, especially for a school or club budget that needs a quick and painless boost. Chuck King’s Magic & Hypnosis show will provide a solid evening of laughs that will have people talking about it for months to come.

“Bravo Chuck! You exceeded our expectations. Booking you was the best decision we made.” Mary Burgess Burgess & Conley

Safe and Family Appropriate Entertainment

Chuck is widely recognized as the “King of Clean Comedy,” guaranteeing that his show is always appropriate for the whole family. This is not a kiddie show, but the audience participation, comedy, and magic make for an entertaining show all ages can enjoy together.

Unlike so many other Comedy Hypnotists who embarrass their participants with routines that are only appropriate for an adult nightclub, Chuck King’s show provides hilarious family-friendly entertainment without resorting to cheap laughs.

Chuck has an impeccable, trouble-free record of literally thousands of shows at events just like yours. You can have confidence your event will not only be entertaining, but will also be completely safe! The Chuck King Magic and Hypnosis Show is a highly anticipated part of the annual event calendar at middle and high schools nationwide.

This is the safe, conservative, clean comedy show that you can feel good about booking for your fundraiser.

Inquire early about availability for your event date to avoid disappointment!

Contact Chuck King Today

Phone: 517-646-0896
Cell: 517-285-0114

What People Are Saying

Show Biz Weekly, Las Vegas
Show Biz Weekly, Las Vegas
Las Vegas
The perfect blend of comedy, magic and hypnosis and is one of the best touring shows today.

Cindy Mergers
Global Imports Corp.
It’s been a month since our annual banquet and our employees are still talking about you. You were amazing! Thank you for making this event so much fun.

Mary Burgess
Burgess & Conley
Bravo Chuck! You exceeded our expectations. Booking you was the best decision we made.

Paul Steiger
Slipstream Software
Alpharetta, GA
We were so delighted with your performance that we have recommended you to three other groups. You are a true professional. We intend on booking you again next year.

Michael Dobbins
ISC Branding Corporation
Philadelphia, PA
Very few entertainers have had the ability to impress our group the way you did. We’ve booked a variety of acts over the past decade for our conference. However, your talents are by far the best. Thanks again for a memorable evening.

Ted Burkell
National Training Academy
Washington, DC
One of our attendees stated that his diaphragm hurt after the program from laughing so hard. Overall, we received so many extremely positive comments. Chuck received two standing ovations from our audience. Everyone loved your presentation.

Cindy Williams
Williams Realty Group
Always a huge hit with our group year after year.

World class magician and hypnotist Chuck King is the entertainment solution for your high school fundraiser. Watch this short video for just a small taste of the fun and excitement Chuck will bring to your event!

Chuck King is still America’s Premier Comedy Magician & Hypnotic Entertainer

What to expect at a Chuck King show

Chuck opens with 10-12 minutes of award winning magic and then transitions to the featured part of the show. Audience members volunteer to be hypnotized and they become the true stars of the show. You can expect your guests to burst into riotous laughter when the people they work, play and live with go from: driving a race car, to bird watching and even being pulled over by the police and at least a dozen funny different scenarios. Experience for yourself a unique, memorable event. Las Vegas Showbiz weekly calls it “One of the best shows working today!”

Call our office to arrange for Chuck King to appear at your next fair or festival. Let’s give your attendees something to talk about forever! Call or email our office today

Las Vegas ‘SHOW BIZ WEEKLY’ calls the Chuck King comedy show the perfect blend of comedy, magic and hypnosis and is one of the best shows working today. Finally, a show clean enough to work Corporate America yet funny enough to headline the Las Vegas Strip.

A few of Chuck’s Career Highlights

  • Graduate of Chavez College of Magic
  • H.B.O. “Magic Moments”
  • Showtime
  • Cruise Ships
  • Casinos
  • Society of American Magician’s Sleight of Hand Champion
  • International Brotherhood of Magician’s Sleight of Hand Champion at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas

Contact Chuck King Today

Phone: 517-646-0896
Cell: 517-285-0114